Cigar Related Services

Correnti Cigars represents decades of experience in the Manufacturing and Marketing of Handmade Cigars.

Plese allow us to assist you in planning your next event or promotion.

Cigar Rolling Demonstrations

Our Professional Cigar Rollers are sought after to demonstrate the Skill and Art of their Trade. From The Venetian Ball to The Toronto's Indy car races, whatever the event or occasion, the Correnti Cigar Roller adds an air of festivity and authenticity to your party.

Private Label Cigars

We offer the Correnti Customer an opportunity to make a personal or corporate statement with The Private Label Cigar. Whether you are celebrating the birth of a child, a graduation, promotion or retirement, personalizing our products will leave friends with a lasting impression.

  • Corporate Branding can be accomplished by applying your Logo to our Cigars.
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  • Presented as gifts to Business Associates or for Resale.

Cigar Event Planning

Whether you are planning a Special Reception or a Cigar Dinner, feel free to benefit from our extensive experience.

Please call upon Johnny or Kelly at 416-504-4108 or send us a short eMail. and we will contact you shortly.